Pioneer riparian trees like cottonwoods and willows that depend on flood disturbances for regeneration opportunities have been declining. - Prof. Jerry Stones

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It’s ironic – while the focus of so much environmental attention these days relates to how species and ecosystems are going to respond to all the changes we are throwing at them, certain species that thrive on change find themselves living in an artificially stabilized world, with equally problematic results.

Periodically, though, the path of the river shifts dramatically, and a bend of the river channel gets cut off and abandoned by the main flow of water (see time lapse images below). The result of both processes is the creation or renewal of patches of cleared land, upon which new vegetation can germinate and grow. (more…)


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Kembang cinta nu ngarias impenan
Datang unggal peuting teu weleh diondang
Hate asa diparende pikiran ngalayang jauh ngawang ngawang

Angin peuting cing ulah cararicing
Geura pang dugikeun salam ka manehna
Tembang tembang tina hate anu ngundang rasa pinuh panghareupan


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Last week, Senator Bennet delivered a letter to FDA, emphasizing this very point. Was added to FSMA during the legislative debates to protect against excessive costs and administrative burdens on small and very small farms and food enterprises subject to these rules. This critical language championed by Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO). (more…)


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Definition of what constitutes a farm, in order to draw a clearer line between farms that are covered by the new facility rule and farms that are not. We will be looking closely to the final rule once published to determine whether FDA followed the letter and the spirit of the law on this issue, among others. NSAC applauds the Senator for this letter, and for speaking out on this issue. (more…)

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