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Like the settlers that fanned across the plains during westward expansion, pioneer riparian trees like cottonwoods and willows are particularly hardy and well suited to the unpredictable life of a changing river.

On this cleared land along both the main channel and the abandoned channels of a river, the new plants that begin to grow are typically good pioneers the early arrivers that have strategies to deal with lots of environmental stresses. (more…)


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That day at the WTO, I was set to interview officials about the biofuels case. My host, an officer in the organization’s Secretariat, brought me up a finely constructed staircase and down a hallway lined with offices painted in very light gray.

My first interviewee, a member of the Committee on Trade and Environment (a subcommittee of the WTO’s Seretariat) began to explain what her group had been doing on biofuels. She explained that while biofuels had not explicitly been discussed in her committee, carbon footprinting had been on the agenda since 2001. But nothing tangible had been done on the issue. (more…)