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Thanks to the beautiful Kensington Mammas and Bumps who came to our coffee morning in October 2013.

We had a great time with so much in common! A big thank you to the lovely Zehra for hosting it. If you would like to host the coffee morning in your home, please get in touch with us!
The Kensington Mums Bumps and Babies Coffee morning was a busy and bustling morning event that introduced lots of local mothers to each other and the events that are taking place in the area. It was lovely to meet such a large group of women who were enthusiastic about motherhood and Kensington!

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Perfect morning in a beautiful Kensington home. It was really lovely to meet more moms and their little ones for breakfast, a perfect time of day when the little ones are wide awake and happy to play whilst mothers have time to sip some tea or coffee meeting new mums,exchanging tips and making new friends. I hope there will be many more Kensington mum breakfasts to come

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